The Cape Town Festival of Beer has grown tremendously in the past eight years. While the primary focus of The Festival remains beer, there will be a larger focus on ciders this year. Cideries from across the country and possibly abroad, will join the Cape Town Festival of Beer to add variety and treat festivalgoers to some of the best commercially available ciders on the market.

“While the beer industry is steadily growing, more recently we’ve seen a boom in the cider industry with what we call cideries, establishing themselves in the market,” said Cape Town Festival of Beer co-founder Martin Tucker. “We’re excited to offer festivalgoers a wider variety of ciders than ever before. It’s grown to the extent that we’ve recently even added an award specifically for Best Cider.”

Festivalgoers can look forward to tasting a number of ciders on offer, many of which will be in styles they may never have tried before. Sxollie Ciders, Cluver & Jack and Everson’s Cider are a few popular names expected to attend, while Birkenhead’s brand new cider range and the cutting edge ciders from Little Wolf will add to the increasing cider offering at the Cape Town Festival of Beer. Top breweries such as Little Wolf, Birkenhead and Alpha, are becoming increasingly involved in the cider section of the market.

“I think for us on the cider front, we have our two standard ciders, but we are looking to push the envelope and do some barrel aged ciders and some fruit infused ciders,” said Alpha Head Brewer JC Steyn. “In the US there are a bunch of different ciders. Even following beer trends – guys are trying dry-hopped, saison or spiced cider styles… so we’ll definitely be doing that in this area and looking at what consumers are looking for. Obviously it will take a little bit of education, but we’re used to that.”

With an increasing cider offering, the variety will be wider than ever at the 2017 Cape Town Festival of Beer, with festivalgoers guaranteed to taste a number of ciders and cider styles never experienced before.

Date: 1 - 3 December 2017

Venue: Hamilton’s Rugby Club, Green Point
Cost: Standard ticket: R150 per person
Year-End Party Hospitality ticket (shared table): R500 per person.
Bookings can be made on or by contacting